Baby #3 – It’s A BOY!



You’ve likely seen the news on my social media platforms, but wanted to document it on the blog too!

Baby #3 is a BOY!

We are very excited for a little brother to be joining the pack and make our little family complete!

Check out out the gender wives tales and predictions here.


We had two names picked out for both genders ahead of time.

Boy:  Landon Roger Mast

Landon has always been a favorite of mine.  It feels very masculine and classic.  Roger is a nod to Stephen’s beloved grandfather who passed when he was younger.

Girl:  Genevieve Emily Mast 

I love Genevieve and think it’s a bit vintage and pretty.  I like ‘Eve’ or ‘Evie’ for short, which fits into the E’s theme!  (unintentional, by the way)  Emily is a nod to my maternal grandmother who passed away last year.  She was a huge part of my childhood and we loved her SO MUCH!  I considered using the name Emily, Emelia, or Amelia as a first name, but they’re all very popular and in the top 10 girls names currently!

Past baby name choices by the pregnancy/gender:

2016 – Emerson James for boy and Maren Elizabeth for girl.

2018 – Elliott Kennedy for girl and Grady Allen for boy.


For a long time, Emerson had been saying he wanted this baby to be a brother, but he recently had a change of heart and switched to sister.  Elliott very little clue what is going on right now, other than giving my belly hugs and knowing what a baby is, haha!

Thank you for following along on our ever-changing journey!


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