Quarantine Life Lately


Hi friends.  Oh the quarantine life.  We are all doing it.  It looks different for everyone.  I am not going to sugar coat things and tell you that it’s a cakewalk.  It requires lots of blocking and tackling, patience, giving yourself grace, and prayer.  But we are doing it!  First, let’s quickly recap the timeline so far…

Quarantine Timeline

  • Our family began self-quarantining on March 16.  Local schools closed and working remote became strongly advised or mandated (Pre-quarantine, I worked remotely 2-4 days a week).  WFH is mandated for my organization currently.  Stephen works from home a few days a week.  His job is considered essential – government IT. 
  • On March 27, Forsyth County issued a stay-at-home order. However, days later the North Carolina Governor issued a 30 day statewide stay-at-home order until at least April 29.
  • On April 24, the Governor extended the stay-at-home order until May 8 and announced a three-phase plan for loosening restrictions that would roll out well into summer.
  • On April 25, the Governor announced schools would remain closed through the remainder of the school year.

My creativity has not been at an all-time high lately.  I think I’ve spent all those juices on coming up with activities to keep my kids entertained, but I have snapped a few pics here or there.

I watched an online tutorial on learning how to take self-taken family portraits.  My people were patient with me and we played around with this a few weeks back.  I bribe the little ones with mini marshmallows for good participation!





Elliott’s hair is finally starting to grow.  It’s pretty wild and curly, just like her daddy’s was when he was younger.



We spend as much time outside as possible.  Daily family walks in the evenings.  Letting the kids play and run around, makes everyone happy.  On the rainy days we go to the basement and let them let loose.





Sticking with the outside routine, Emerson has enjoyed lunches outside each day.  I ordered the kids a new picnic table a few weeks back, but it hasn’t gotten here yet.  Maybe tomorrow!  As you all know, supply and demand for online shopping is at a high, so even my beloved Amazon Prime, typical two-day delivery, doesn’t exist anymore.   It’s fine.  Just something to note!  Very first-world issue.


A few things my kids have been loving lately are a water table for playing outside and Emerson also just got a new big-boy bike with training wheels!  I need to grab him a helmet.

I’ll try to do a better job at picking up my nice camera to capture some more “daily life” soon to share.

I hope you all are thriving or maybe just surviving these days.  We miss our normal daily life and friends!



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