May Pregnancy Update & Weekend Recap


I captured a little bit of our weekend on my camera to share with you all.  I can’t believe we are in May now.  To start off – I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant with baby Landon.  Some days feel like this pregnancy is going by like a blur and other days it feels really long.  I’m feeling more pregnant these days, which likely has something to do with the fact that I’m chasing after an almost two year old and 3.5 year old, but I’m not pointing any fingers!

Stephen and I have been getting up to workout in the basement at 5 a.m. three days a week.  I do my Jazzercise On-Demand Classes or a pre-recorded corporate workout and he lifts weights.  I miss teaching and seeing people at my class, but we are making do.  I don’t really feel like I have the capacity to try and teach (mostly the prep & learning that goes into it) a virtual class at this point, with how spread thin I feel with kids at home, working a full time job, etc.  As with all my pregnancies, I try to stay active and walk a few miles every single night around our neighborhood.  Stephen and the kids started going with me back in February and we’ve kept it up.

I have my glucose test in a week at my OBGYN office.  They require mask coverage, and no one is allows to go to appointments except the patient.  I’ll be sure to bring a book!  My baby app says I have about 96 days to go until we get to meet our little guy, give or take on the days, of course.


This past weekend we had an amazing few-day stretch of weather in the 80’s.  This spring has been cooler than usual for North Carolina temps.  We took the kids to the park and brought a picnic lunch.  We found a little setup in the shady grass and ate.




My mom and dad gifted Emerson with his first big boy bike the other week.  We’ve been working with him on learning how to peddle with the training wheels.  Isn’t his helmet cool?!


Little sissy pretends with her push Radio Flyer bike.



I love her profile and little curls in this pic.  Her hair has been growing more these days.  It’s wild and hard to tame, but mostly adorable.



Burgers and chicken on the grill and a little truck washing with daddy capped off the weekend.




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