Dear Landon,


Dear Landon,

I created a Dear Elliott, post when your sister was in my belly to capture my thoughts around 30 days out from your estimated due date so I thought I’d do the same for you.  I think you’ve been my busiest baby in my belly.  You aren’t as forceful of a kicker as your big bro, and you don’t wake me up at the crack of dawn like your sister did every single day in my belly, but you are consistently busy in there.  I like to feel your movements and hickups.  You’ve been head-down for a while because I can feel the little pads of your feet on the top of my belly.  Like my other pregnancies, in the final weeks, I do get some fun symptoms.  Insomnia, some back pain, and one unique to this pregnancy – hip soreness.  I have been taking Tylenol on the nights it bothers me the most.

We have started to really see light at the end of the tunnel with this, now that we are heading into July.  We really want to have a July baby!  We walk as a family every single night as long as it’s not raining and talk about you.  Your sister is still sleeping in your crib at the moment, as we have had some setbacks with her consistency in staying in her big girl bed, but it’s ok.  We are going to try to get that figured out in July, ha!

I can’t go without mentioning that you will be born in the year 2020 which has been a very unique year to say the least.  I think you’ll be classified as a “pandemic baby” who was born during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I’ve prayed over this pregnancy more than I ever have done before.

We can’t wait to snuggle your little butt and dote over you because you’re special.  Daddy is particularly looking forward to taking snoozes with you on his chest, which is just THE BEST!  We think your brother will be sweeter on you that your sister.  Your sister has been pointing out babies lately when we see them.  I think you’ll look the most like your brother, Emerson.  I don’t anticipate that you’ll have as much hair as your sister, Elliott, when she was born.  She gave me more heartburn during pregnancy.

We can’t wait to meet you baby Landon!  I pray that you’ll know how much that you are loved.





{photography by: Brooke Grogan Photography}



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