Pool Days

Each year, one of the highlights of our summer life involves trips to our neighborhood pool.  We are lucky to have a really quiet pool in a country neighborhood.  I know some others have dealt with pools either not open or strict scheduled time-slot restrictions because of the current pandemic, but we don’t have any of those limits at our pool due to how quiet it is.  I have done a better job of bringing my nice camera out for “regular life” type activities to capture the moments.



This is the first season that both kids are totally LOVING the pool and can hang for several hours.  In past, there was always someone, likely the baby age, who didn’t last as long.  They really love to get in and play this year!  We of course get in with them and make it more fun for them.




Their favorite things to play with are the rafts, water shooting guns, diving rings, diving rockets and little cars and Minnie Mouse figures.



I’d like to get them into swimming lessons next year.  Survival swim would be even better.  I’ve heard such great things.


I’m 35 weeks pregnant in these next pictures and this just happens to be the day that my water broke, so these would be my last “documented bump pics”.  🙂





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