Red, White & Cute – 4th Of July 2020!

🇺🇸 America, America, God shed his grace on thee!  Happy Birthday America! 🇺🇸

Our 4th of July looked a lot different this year compared to years past.  Due to the pandemic, essentially all organized holiday events were cancelled.  No parade, no fireworks, and no festivals.  We made the best of it and created our own festive fun.  We still dressed in our red, white and blue best, got icees in town, took several walks around our downtown that looks so cute decorated patriotically.  We frequented our neighborhood pool a few times to cool off from the mid-90’s heat.  I was pretty pregnant that weekend, so we didn’t have interest in attempting any vacation-type travel.  I brought my camera with us on one of our downtown walks and shot some pics of the kids, because that’s what I do!





Elliott’s almost aged out of bubbles!  I am going to be so sad when we are through.  Good thing I have one more baby to look forward to dressing in Jon Jons and rompers!  My fav!


Checking out the koi fish in the pond.







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