Life Lately – August & September

Finding the time to blog is almost comical at this point. But it’s ok. 🙂 I’ll get it in when I can. My maternity leave has come to an end and just for a moment it felt like it wasn’t fair because it felt short due to Landon’s three week NICU stay, but I’ve moved past that and found peace and gratitude. August and September have been busy and a blur, yet we haven’t done a whole ton. We are being really cautious heading into this colder season due to Landon being a preemie. We are being extra vigilant with our exposure and hygiene, and that isn’t just for COVID, it’s for anything really. RSV, flu, all of the stuff that takes babies down. Sweet fella had a rough start, and we don’t want to stress his little system and lungs if at all possible.

I had a goal during my maternity leave to do a few things:

  1. Cuddle the baby as much as possible!
  2. Catch up on my kids baby books. Emerson’s was pretty full. Elliott’s book was sparse. No shocker there. And Landon needed his started. I ended up spending tons of hours going back and filling in details and printed 250 photos to fill the books with!
  3. Catch up on printing our family photo books. These are different than the baby books. These are the photo books you get printed online. I use Shutterfly and have their software add the images in, then I go back and manipulate the pages a little with format and picture preferences. I was behind on: Landon newborn, Landon maternity, 2019 family photos, 2018 family photos. These books generally have all our professional photos in them. I like to do one a year of our family photos and then each child gets a maternity and newborn book of their own. I display them in a pretty basket in our home. Got this complete!

Let’s start with a run down of life lately things. Emerson and Elliott started their new school years. You can read about that here. They had picture day at school the past week and I can’t resist those darn cheesy picture day pictures, y’all!!! I snapped a few pics of them before they headed out the door.

So Elliott’s picture turned out darling! Our buddy Emerson looks like a silly boy in his and can do much better with his head more forward and you’d not have that haze in one of his glasses lenses LOL. Love him! We will do the re-take in October, haha!

We have planted a few mums for our front area and they look so pretty now. These pics are from the weekend we planted them, but they’ve opened up a ton since then.

We have spent as much time as possible outdoors this year. We frequent a few parks in the area. Even before the playgrounds opened up (HORRAYYY! That was just about a week or so ago, can you believe it?!) we went all the time and ran around. One night we met family at one of the parks and grilled out. It was great.

I pulled out my camera a couple weekends ago when the kids were playing so nicely with little baby Landon. These pics are precious!

Emerson had to show Landon all the most important Cars characters. It’s crucial information! LOL.


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