Five On Friday

  1. My kids are growing at record speed. I typically buy ahead for them by a few seasons but I hadn’t gotten any new jammies for the cooler months. I picked up some jammies that I’m loving for them. They are fitted, but are so dang cute. Almost look like long underwear sets. Emerson is wearing his red set today for jammie day at school.

2. I am trying to use Mod Podge clear sealant on our outdoor pumpkins this season to see if it extends the life of them this fall season. It gives the a shiny coat, which I don’t mind. Hopefully it will protect them from the dampness and fluctuating temps in this state.

3. We are taking our annual family pictures today. It’s rainy YAY. But we picked a venue that could support the rain. I had picked a word to inspire the session this year. I’ll explain more about my choice later, but the word is FOUNDATION. To me, that meant rocks (mountain top or rock quarry) or home (front porch), I chose the later, as I felt is was the easiest with three young kids. We going to a farmhouse style venue with a large wrap-round porch and indoor space – Triple J Manor House in Mocksville, NC. Last year’s session can be found here.

4. We took our kids to our local Farmer’s Market last week and it was a nice outing. We picked up some cool weather flowers, apples, pears, zucchini bread & cookies and a start to our outdoor pumpkin collection. The weather was cool and crisp, but the sun was nice. The kids had a blast.

5. Our sweet Landon is a little over 2 1/2 months old now. He’s thriving y’all! He’s getting chunkier! Both my boys have similar personalities and are a little dramatic. 🤩 He is our wants-to-be held baby and probably a little spoiled 😬 oops! Hates to his car seat and car rides. First baby who didn’t love them! He is a cat napper during the day but sleeps like a champ at night and only gets up once! 💪🏻🙌🏻 We love him so much! His siblings smother him all the time. 😂 He’s just starting to do a little bit of coo’ing and smiling and we are always trying to coax it out of him. 



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