Emerson James – 4 Years Old

What, it’s not 2016 anymore?!! Oh our Emerson, you’re no longer a toddler! It makes your daddy and I a little sad! You’re such a big fella now! Four years old on November 4th. Your golden birthday, too!

With a November birthday, we have two more school years until you head to kindergarten. You do look like you’re so much older than you are because of your tall height! Not sure where you get it from, as your mama and daddy aren’t especially tall. (Maybe my dad?!) You are in size 6/7 boy clothes and 11.5 sized shoes. You are constantly growing out of clothes and shoes. It’s hard to keep up.

You’re still 100% in love with cars and Lightning McQueen. We for sure thought we’d be done playing the Cars soundtrack by now, but two and a half years of true dedication later, we are not. HAHA! You are actually a Lightning McQueen race car driver for this Halloween, and last year you were the LMQ car. πŸ™‚ He knows what he loves and his love runs deep! The Trolls movies have made strides up in the popularity rankings this year in your book.

You are the BEST big brother to baby Landon. So infatuated and sweet right from the first time you both met. We call you Smotherson because you love him SO much. Literally covered in love! You are our cuddle boy, and still tenderhearted. Still a complete chatterbox and social butterfly like your mama. We probably need to have the ‘Stranger Danger’ chat soon, as you don’t know any strangers! You and your sister do kinda fight like cats and dogs.

You have limitless amounts of energy. We take daily evening walks as a family and you blow us away with how you run in certain areas of the neighborhood with so much stamina. You’ll probably be our athlete. You’re very competitive.

You’ve been really learning so many songs and facts this year in school. You come home and bust out like five things we had no idea you had a clue about. At dinner recently you started reciting The Pledge of Allegiance and we about fell out of our chairs! You’re like a sponge I guess. School is so, so great for you. Favorite play center at school is vehicle center, no shocker!!!

One of my favorite things you say is telling me how beautiful I am. Usually it’s done strategically in times you want positive attention. LOL. But it makes me smile.

We sure do love our first, one and only, Emerson!

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