Finding Silver Linings In Unique Circumstances

This year has been unique to say the least. I feel as though everyone under the sun has been impacted to the shift in normalcy this year. We have had some really tough days and we have had some days that have been so beautiful that it brings me to tears. We’ve had days where we have been brought to our knees and days where we we have risen up. One wonderfully therapeutic way to live a bit more ‘glass half full’ has been to find the silver linings during our unique circumstances.

Six Ways We’ve Found Blessings During This Year

An Opportunity To Scale Back

We’ve all been there. We do, have, want TOO MUCH. We load our plates with more than necessary. As Americans, we are in go-mode. Constantly on the move, barely able to soak in each moment. We love to look toward the future of new/shiny/bright things and opportunities. Nothing wrong with that, but there is something to be said for a bit more simplicity.

Appreciation For Things We Took For Granted

I don’t know how many times we’d be on the last few diapers and say “we can run and grab a new box in the morning” or “just Prime that!” Well, we saw how quickly resources can be depleted this year. Hello #toiletpapershortage2020! I don’t let things get as low now. No need to have a two year supply of back-stock, but just being realistic now knowing that it’s not impossible that we could have issues finding basic needs.

The Chance To Dive In Deeper With Our Faith

On your lowest days, Satan likes to sneak in and consume you. Take you down another notch or two. Seeking the Lord on the days where I felt zero hope has made an incredible impact on me. I really loved this book, in particular when we were in the thick of our struggles with Landon in the NICU. I highly, highly recommend it to you, as it speaks so broadly to many audiences dealing with many kinds of personal struggles.

No Mistakes Just Happy Accidents

I think I just quoted the artist Bob Ross with the “No mistakes, just happy accidents” quote! Even though I wanted a third baby, our little Landon surprised us earlier this year out of the blue! Best surprise ever! We didn’t know how much our family needed our sweet boy.

Less Is More & Little Victories

For years I’ve been into trying to find ways to get to the simplified way of living. Now that I work from home essentially permanently (always worked from home a ton before) I think it’s even more important to keep our space as simple as possible. Examples would be: Trying to scale back our wardrobes keeping only the things we love, are functional and make us feel good. Reducing the amount of clutter in your living space. Opening a cabinet or drawer once a week to organize it and toss or donate the unused. Event that scary drawer, friends! It feels really good to live in a space that you love that doesn’t weigh you down. Not to mention, I feel highly accomplished checking things off a list. 😉 Little victories.

Focus On The Foundation

When we booked this session with Joey, she asked us to pick a theme or word to help us create a vision for the session. The obvious word to me was FOUNDATION. And from that, I chose the concept of the home/porch as a backdrop for the vision of foundation. When the world is upside down around you, and you feel helpless, what you can do is focus on the smaller picture. Focus on who is in your life right now, this minute, of this hour, of this day. We have plenty to keep us busy in the four walls of our house. Turn off the smart device, put the newspaper down. Live in the moment with the ones you love and love them HARDER. Be thankful for this life you have, given to you by the one and only.

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