Elliott ~ 2.5 Years Old

Oh our sweet Ellie Mae. The preschool calls her Sour Patch because she’s like a sweet and sour gummy. She is fiercely independent and strong willed. As a matter of fact, I was home this past weekend with all three kids while daddy was out of town camping with buddies and while I was in the other room feeding her baby brother, she jumped off her bed and fractured her leg! Yes, it can happen. The ‘No more monkeys jumping on the bed song’ was made for a reason! We are in a temporary soft cast now but need to get to the ortho to get the full shebang. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

She is not one for sleeping in and is up at the crack of dawn. She loves to sing and has been singing us all these sweet songs she learns at school. She in the Flamingos class now, and just moved up from another class. “Mingos class” is what she says. She’s pretty potty trained, but we’ve had a little setback with a new fear of going #2 in the potty. She’s been to the ER twice in the past 30 days and once was for that reason.

Elliott loves to color and play with stickers. It can keep her entertained for quite some time. She is a tough little thing, sometimes tougher than her older brother! She is good at holding a grudge and can cut eyes at someone and really mean it! She still has those poofy cheekers. We love them and hope she never loses them! She’s been petite for so long, but since starting preschool, she’s a little more husky these days. Maybe it’s the two breakfasts she gets?! Favorite foods are: scrambled eggs, apple juice, muffins and noodles. She has her daddy’s curly locks. Actually she looks exactly like her daddy and nothing like her mother, LOL!

Elliott loves her brother and she will do anything he does. Very ‘Monkey-see-monkey-do’. But boy do they fight like cats and dogs! Typical sibling love! They share a room now (no, the bunk beds didn’t last, they’re in twins now!)

Our girl will never go un-noticed, and holds her own in her middle child position. We love our one & only!

Past Elliott milestones include:

2 years old

1.5 year old

1 year old



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