Christmas 2020

Ok, better late than never! A little Christmas scrapbooking here. Christmas took on a whole new meaning this year, as we had sweet miracle baby Landon to celebrate with, his first Christmas. We totally threw ourselves into enjoying the season as much as possible all throughout December. A few other posts here, here and here. As I type this post, all of the Christmas decor is tucked away, and I’ve just left out a few little snowy items.

I love to take pics in front of the Christmas tree each year, so here is our crew. Getting the pic of all three was pretty entertaining. Lots of out-takes!

And a few pics of our dining room, too. We did a live tree in here.

If you look at our buffet, you can see a copy of all of the Christmas cards we have ever sent. I love to have them framed and displayed to look back at year after year.

This is the “kid’s tree”. Each year I struggle with having my fancy tree mixed with the kid ornaments. Anyone else feel me? Surely I’m not the only one. They loved having their own, so I think it was a great idea. They kept it in the living room and we eventually moved it to one of the kid bedrooms.

The kid’s preschool does lots of themed days throughout the year. This particular day was Dress Like An Elf Day. We chose the Elf of the Shelf! Emerson makes a good elf, doesn’t he?!

Look at my baby in this pic! He looks like a little man. I am obsessed.

We had a few family members we see often over for Christmas Eve. The kids loved decorating gingerbread trains. They proved to be a nice big mess and harder to assemble than we thought!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m taking a little social media / news media hiatus right now. I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile as a media consumption reset. I’m thinking a month? But we shall see! I know others who have done this and loved it. I’ll keep taking pictures and updating my blog here or there.



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