February Recap – Valentines!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! We kicked off February a bit sad that my Green Bay Packers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but glad to get all football festive and celebrate the day. We did a few football type crafts, football I-Spy activities, and ate all the good food.

We have had some cold, sorta wintery weather the past few weeks, but the closest thing we got to an actual snow was like an inch. 🙁 Other than that it’s been sleet/ice, the gross stuff. Here are the two big kids in front of our “big snow” before they headed to preschool. I think they had the day off the day it snowed, but this was the following morning.

I snapped a few pics of this little chunky monkey. He’s really starting to fill out! He reminds me of both is siblings. He obviously looks a lot like his brother, but he has cheekers and jowls like his sissy!

I couldn’t resist a little Valentines Day home photo shoot with my three one cold Saturday. Here are the pics and I’m in love with each of them!!!

Emerson looks like eleven in this pic. All tall and slim. Babies don’t keep!

And this queen, strutting her stuff. I am a sucker for classic children’s clothing and especially the girly stuff. I bet you couldn’t tell! 🙂



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