Wisconsin Grandparent’s North Carolina Visit – Part 2

I split this visit recap up in to two parts because there was just so much to show! (Part 1 here) Towards the second half of the visit we had a few exciting things happen. My sister Amy and niece Valentina came to visit! It was so fun getting the cousins together!

We got ice cream twice at the local old fashioned ice cream place – Doss’s Ice Cream.

On Day two of their visit we all went to the North Carolina Zoo!

All the grandbabies!

Emerson started his first season of soccer while they were here and we all went to his first weekend of games to cheer him on! He scored four goals between the two games.

The last big thing was Valentina’s birthday party!

I was sooo sad to see them all go a few days ago, but look forward to more memories in the future. Can’t wait until my parents can start building on their lot and can be closer to enjoy all the milestones. I would love it if my sister’s family could move to a more drivable location on the east coast but time shall tell what is in store. It was SUCH a great visit. I will forever cherish it.



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