Ten Months & Wearing Big Bro’s Hand-Me-Downs

I tried on one of my very favorite Emerson hand me-downs and did a mini photo shoot with my littlest lover boy. Babies in Jon Jons for life!!! 😍 You will be seeing all the one piece baby boy outfits for the foreseeable future, as I cannot get enough of them.

Landon will be ten months old in a few days but if you go off his adjusted age, he is 8 months and 4 weeks old. Because he was premature, the doctors go off this adjusted age until about 2 years old.

A little Landon update at this age:

Landon Loves –

  • Outside! Put this boy in a high chair or stroller outside or facing outside and he is a happy camper
  • Snacks. We started solids a few months ago, and it’s been a little slow, but he loves his snacks. Cheerios, puffs, veggie straws, baby granola bars, and little grabby crunchy snacks are his jam. He likes his pouches too. Finger foods/baby led weaning type of fruits/vegs/eggs type of foods are well, toys HAHA. Not a ton going on there, but we offer it because he occasionally gets experimental. He loves anything banana, and pieces of banana. Apples not as much. We are doing some diluted apple juice and water too. Still nursing and doing bottles too, but has been doing less milk lately, as he is eating more solids.
  • Crazy about his siblings and watching his siblings play.
  • To laugh and get tickled. Best baby laugh of all our babies. SOOO funny!
  • To stand up! He loves to hold on to you and stand.
  • Pacifier lover here 🙂
  • He’s like his brother in that he has major FOMO (fear of missing out) and is extremely nosey and interested in what others are doing.
  • Mama is still #1. Stephen tells us to “get a room” sometimes LOL.

Landon isn’t a fan of, or we are working on:

  • The sitting up has taken our buddy a while! He’s a typical preemie, and all the milestones are late :). We started physical therapy to help strengthen our core, glutes and hips. He has made strides and his SOOOO close. He can sit up for 10-30 seconds in doses, if he holds his body just right, but he isn’t 100% solid on it. We are spending more time on the floor, and doing different exercises.
  • Landon loves to whine. If he isn’t a fan of something or if he is tired or hungry, he will LET YOU KNOW! Loves to whine!
  • Buddy doesn’t like getting dressed or undressed. Total waste of time he says!

His face in this picture just kills me! Baby laughing, the greatest!

My handsome boy. We just love his little butt so much. Hard to believe he will be one in a few months.



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