Strawberry Picking & Mother’s Day Weekend 2021

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I was really spoiled by my family and it was great. I claim the whole weekend. 🙂 Mamas deserve it!

One of my absolute favorite Mother’s Day weekend traditions is making a trip to the strawberry patch. The strawberries always seem to be perfectly ripe this weekend. We aren’t the only family with this tradition. I saw plenty of other pictures on social media of other families visiting the patches. We like to go to Hedgecock Strawberry Farm. Our kids filled three baskets full of strawberries and ate their fill as well!

All of my babies loved to fiddle with grass and straw at this age. I have pics if them all doing this and it gives me all the mama feels! 

We finished off Saturday going to Emerson’s last soccer game of the spring season. He scored the final goal of the game and was super proud. He’s learned a lot this year and we are ready to play again in the fall. On Sunday we attended our church’s special Mother’s Day church service that was outdoors. Stephen’s family joined us. We went out to eat at a Mother’s Day brunch in town afterwards.

Wishing all of the mamas, mamas-to-be and mamas-in-waiting a Happy Mother’s Day. Being a mama is such a gift. I hope you were all spoiled by your people. 😘

Past years of strawberry patch picking: 2020 we didn’t go because of the pandemic :(, 2019 is here, 2018 is here.



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