Summer Life Lately – June 2021

Ok friends! Summer is in full swing. Our pool opened so we are there as much as the weather and time allows. Our kids just started swim lessons at the local YMCA twice a week to work on some swimming skills. We have been pool members at our neighborhood pool for years, so they are very comfortable in the water. I wanted them to start swimming lessons last summer, but did not get to because of the pandemic.

They are loving the lessons. They are in two different groups (both age 3-5, just happened to be placed in to groups during the same M/W timeslot, which is totally fine with us!) Emerson happened to get in a group with boys and they are all like-minded, silly boys like him. Elliott is in a group of kids a bit bigger than her, but she sure impresses us with how attentive and well behaved she is at these lessons. She is the little swimmer, but sweet as can be and a good listener! We hope Emerson is getting something out of it, other than fun, to be determined LOL.

At the pool, Landon likes the water, but so far the baby pool float is not his cup of tea. He thinks it is going to eat him up. Not sure if it’s due to the fact that the water is not bath water temp yet, or that he is just finicky. So we let him splash around. He likes it. Then he sits in a little seat on the edge, highly entertained by the surroundings. Dem baby thigh rolls, y’all!

He is most definitely a big attraction for the little girls at the pool Such a ladies man!!!

Landon got his first big boy hair cut this weekend. Don’t worry, just a trim to shape up around the ears and lighten up the back so we didn’t work into mullet territory. 😉

What else? Emerson is struggling right now, (has been for awhile, or half his life) with ear infections, allergy/asthma type stuff (he is his mother’s child) and we are going to our second allergy appointment Tuesday for the deeper dive blood work, AKA the back pricks. HOPEFULLY we find some details about his triggers and have a new plan for treatment. He has already had several sets of tubes, way too many antibiotics and plenty of medicinal combos. We have Father’s Day weekend coming up. Elliott has her 3rd birthday party the weekend following at a Splash Pad. Fourth of July Weekend is the weekend after and we are celebrating Landon’s 1st birthday. Literally not sure how that is possible, but it is!

I feel like are days are very full, with working and juggling all the people going all different directions each day. Stephen and I most definitely cherish our crash on the couch after 7 p.m. time where we read or watch TV in peace. 😀 But really, we know we are beyond blessed. Covered and smothered, but blessed.



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