12 Months of Landon Roger

It doesn’t feel possible, but our little Landon is ONE!

I could go full, ugly-cry emotional mama on this post, but I am not going to! ๐Ÿ™‚ Landon surprised us all on July 6, 2020 with his five week early arrival. He is brought us to our knees and bounced back like a strong boy. You can read more about that here and here.

Let me tell you about our big one-year-old boy!

  • We call him the pandemic preemie. He was born in a pandemic (sheltered) and he is MAMAS BOY through and through!
  • The siblings hang the moon
  • He is a snacker. Has always been. Drinking or eating. His preference is to graze all day.
  • We did some physical therapy to help with some of the one-year milestones, such as sitting up and crawling and he’s been a rockstar and basically one track now!
  • He is a very good whiner. ๐Ÿ™‚ and he is a pacifier baby like his brother

Milestones//Special Moments: First real word โ€“ dada // crawling-ish, not so fluid, but getting around on the floor! // considering pulling up and getting on knees some // 2 teeth barely popping through on the bottom // first haircut at 11 months old!

Weight/Height: 19 lbs 10.6 oz (23%), / 31″ (88%) so long!

Hair: He has the most hair of all our babies and has a nice head full! His hair is dark blonde and pretty straight.

Eyes: grayish Clothes: 18 months Diapers: 3s

Sleeping: 2 naps โ€“ 1st is 9am-10:30ish, 2nd is at 1pm-3ish // bedtime: 7-7:30pm and sleeps until 6-6:30am

Likes:  baths // reading books // being outside and taking walks // giving open mouthed kisses // the cat โ€“ Booger // toys – anything. He loves anything of his siblings. He really loves a silicon straw of mine and balls // foods: very picky eater!!!! pancakes, veggie and fruit pouches, yogurt, watermelon, bananas, eggs, fish sticks and ALL THE SNACKS. Fav snack is veggie straws. We offer him lots things and lots go on the floor ๐Ÿ™‚

Dislikes: getting dressed // having his nose wiped // diaper change // leaving mama // has FOMO (fear of missing out because he is nosey!)

Isn’t he just a doll baby?!

We love our Landon Roger! Happy Birthday big boy!

Brooke Grogan Photography took these awesome photos. We had a vision and she helped me pull it together in real-life. Check out this post she wrote that shows the full maternity, newborn and first year milestones for our Landon.

If you want to really throw it back and do a side-by-side, here is Emerson’s one year post and Elliott’s one year post.



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