Elliott Kennedy 3 Years Old

We’ve had three years of this spicy girl! I try to do a year-by-year update for each child, to look back on.

Let’s chat all things Elliott Kennedy Mast:

Little fashionista. She lovessss clothes and & accessories. She notices everyone’s outfits and if they change. She would change her outfit 100xs a day if we let her. She and I have little arguments over outfits and hair styles pretty regularly. (No, you cannot wear that sweater when it’s 95 degrees out!!!) Her favorite right now is her full Disney princess Bell costume and accessories over a full regular outfit. She loves loves loves to do beauty shop and have her makeup or nails done. Her hair is very curly and wild. I have to style it daily. She has greenish/gray eyes.

She is the queen bee. We call her a little chihuahua. A bit territorial of her possessions! Unlike her older brother, who will give you the shirt off his back. She is all about herself! And the moods! Shew! School says she is a sour patch girl. Lots of sweet with a tiny bit of sour! She usually is good at putting on the innocent front for everyone. 🙂 I get told several times a month “We had Elliott at church today and she was the sweetest! She sat in our laps and was such a doll! And her outfit was sooo adorable. I love how she is dressed!” 🙂

Speaking of school. She gets mostly great reports. Listens in school and loves it. She moved up to the older 2’s class this spring (Girraffe’s class) and will be moving upstairs to a 3’s class in August for the new school year. She has lots of friends at school. We recently had her 3rd birthday party with some girl’s from school.

Favorite foods: noodles, chicken, muffins, pretzels, grapes. She is going through this not that hungry phase. Asks for things and picks at it. We are ready for this phase to move along!

We just moved her back to her own room. She had bunked up with her older brother for the past year, but the princess has her own girly room now. 🙂 She is very happy about this. She and her older brother fight light cats and dogs.

Elliott has a very high-pitched, shrill, cartoon-ish voice. Almost like a little Disney character. There are many octaves. She doesn’t have an inside voice. 🙂 She still is very much the middle child! We love our Ellie girl!

Elliott by the years:

1 year

1.5 yrs

2 years

2.5 yrs



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