2021 Pumpkin Patch Visit

One of my favorite traditions! Annual Pumpkin Patch visit. I live for the pictures & memories to look back on, year after year! We love this little spot in Kernersville for both our pumpkins (yes, they have my fav heirloom pumpkins) and Christmas trees. 🎃🍁

It is small and perfect for young kids with a corn pool to play in and some fun little tractors to peddle around. The family that runs it is super sweet. For locals, this patch is located behind JPeppers restaurant in Kernersville and is called Kernersville Pumpkins & Christmas Trees – Grouse Ridge.

MY THREE PUMPKINS! Ages 4 (5 next month!), 3 and 1

Seriously, how did I get so lucky?!

It is no secret that I love classic, southern children’s clothing. This might be one of my favorite outfits I have ever bought! Definitely going in the memory box! This is Ellie’s PINK pumpkin! 💕

Baby’s first time going to the patch and actually getting to sit and check out the pumpkins. Last year he was all wrapped up!

Because you know I love a good walk down memory lane …

2020 Pumpkin Patch Trip

2019 Pumpkin Patch Trip

2018 Pumpkin Patch Trip

2017 Pumpkin Patch Trip

Also, how long can I keep this tradition up? I am here to keep it going as long as I can!!!

One more thing to note – each year, we hit the patch the 1st weekend of October. The weather is completely different each time. 2017 warm (but we wore “fall-looking clothes”), 2018 warm, 2019 cold, 2020 cold, 2021 warm!



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