How To Maximize The Value of Your Professional Photography Investment

Professional photography is something I am very passionate about. Not only do I play around with shooting on my own DSLR camera at home, but I love to have professional photography done a few times a year, and at a bare min – annually. It is an investment and I get that. I am here to share my ways to maximize the value of your professional photography investment. Here are a few ways I am able to gain as much return on investment, aka bang for your buck, with our investment in professional photography. Also, can you see my marketing-minded strategy coming out 🤪. Hey, what can I say, I love a good sales pitch and maybe you need to pitch this message to your spouse, who knows?!

Home Decor

Print those pictures and hang them around your home. I have frames and a few gallery walls around my home. Nothing brings me more joy that walking around and catching my child’s candid laughing expression in the corner of my eye. I work 100% from home and I spend a lot of time in the four walls of my house. Printing these precious memories adds to the decor and appeal of your home. I usually pick a few favorites from each session and walk around my home to see what size frames could use a refresh. Keep in mind horizontal or vertical shots.

Gifts for Family

Almost every year, we use the photography to get prints or gifts made for family members Christmas gifts. Let’s be honest – grandparent’s favorite gifts are either pics of their grandkids, special momentos or home-made gifts. You can get creative with these gifts. Most of the major online print shots have limit-less options.

Family Calendar

We print a family calendar and allow our kids to check off each day as it passes. This helps give them an idea of what major events are coming up and allows them to see visually how time passes, numbers and days of the week. It can be hard to grasp time for the young ones and they really love their responsibility to check each day off. We have the major holidays, but I also hand-write things that are a part of their life , such as sports practices & games, birthday parties, vacations, etc. Added plus is if you put pictures on the calendar. Kids love to see themselves! We used Minted last year and were able to get basic calendar for free by “add ten occasions” (meaning pick or add holidays or input occasions on the calendar and it turns the price to free). Fingers crossed it works again this year!

Annual Family Book

Each year (or each photo session) I print a 8×10 or 8×8 photography book. Nothing fancy, usually Shutterfly. I put all my books in a pretty basket on display. They’d be nice on a bookshelf as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE looking back over the years.

Social Media / Blog

I keep social media and blog accounts as a way to share the good things in life. I am a creative at heart and a marketing person by trade. I use these pictures on all my accounts. I am going to start printing an annual blog or social media book each year, which will include my personal and professional pictures and memories. I have friends that use Blog2Print and also Chatbooks for social.

Baby Books

If are you still with me on this post, you are truly invested HAHA. Lastly, I print pictures for our kids baby books. I am old school and do that. I love vintage memories. I also do children’s memory boxes for my kids. You can read more about that here.

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