Emerson James – 5 Years Old

Five years ago on November 4th, you made me a mama, Emerson James! Five whole years of our loveable “Golden Retriever”, Emerson.

Stephen says that Emerson is my personality-twin. Social butterfly, type-A personality, and a master manipulator/strategic thinker. Always working on our next business plan to achieve something we really want. πŸ™‚ Emerson has a superb memory. Like a trap, this kid! He pulls detailed memories out from the archives of his litle brain and remembers specifics around exactly who gave him a certain birthday card, at what birthday party.

He loves to draw and has pretty nice penmanship for his age. He is excellent at remembering all his bible verses for school/Awanas.

Emerson is a compassionate child. He cares about others feelings and is always willing to help or give up something of his own for someone that doesn’t have something.

When I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he says and race car driver. No shocker there. Still vehicle obsessed! He tells me that he wants to marry me when he grows up. I mean, way to melt your mama’s heart buddy. He tells me he will ALWAYS be my baby boy, even when he is grown up.

He is still 100th percentile in all the metrics – height/weight. He is such a hoss. He looks like he is older than he really is.

He and his sister fight like cats and dogs. He smothers the baby, but they love each other. They share a bedroom right now.

Emerson has been playing soccer for two seasons now and really loves it. We think we are going to try t-ball along with our soccer this spring.

On the first week of school, Emerson’s teacher told the kids that if they learned to count to 100 this year, she’d give them money for a Happy Meal as a prize. Highly motivated Emerson, learned it in 3 days and then proceeded to ask if he could actually have $5 to spend at Target instead. Not even joking about this! All his big-talk worked!

He loves to be the leader of the group, Mr. Front-and-center. Not the least bit shy.

We can’t believe we will have a kindergartener next year! LOVE YOU BIG BUDDY!

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