Equestrian Elliott

When I tell you all that I have dreamed of the day that I could have my very own horse girly like me … it’s surreal! My main sport growing up was horse back riding and showing. I lived and breathed horses. My parents were generous enough to support that habit as a young person. Having a horse and especially showing and chasing points is such a commitment.

But it is truly the best.

I am a firm believer in keeping my children active, with lots of sports & activities at their fingertips. Expose them to many things and a few will stick. Not only does it create a special drive to look forward to certain achievements, but it creates diversity, instils good teamwork, goal setting and personal commitment.

Elliott has shown in interest in coming to the barn with me. For those of you who are just catching up, I picked up riding again about a year ago (hunter jumper discipline) after 8 years off. I had leased a mare prior to that for a show season, but hadn’t owned my own in about 10 years. Life and priorities. For Ellie, I booked a introductory lesson for her and was unsure if she would be scared or brave. She is only 3, but she is the animal lover of the bunch.

Well, she LOVED IT! Just look at her face!

Her pony’s name is Belle. I mean, what better name of a horse for a princess?!

No greater love that the love between a girl and a horse. 😍🐎

A little two point position over a few cross rails like a real hunter jumper.

Not sure who is more excited?! Elliott or mama? 😍🐎 Be still my equestrian heart.

We are going to try to have her do lessons once a month and see where it takes us! Fingers crossed!

A little throwback …

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