Wisconsin Grandparents Visit 2022

My parents came for another one month visit from the middle of January through the middle of February. They are building a home in town which they hope will be completed by the end of the year. The builder said Halloween timeframe, but we shall see if that holds true!

We packed in plenty of fun over the four week visit. From sports, to crafts, visits to museums and indoor play places, and a Superbowl party – we keep things busy. I am super late on sharing this visit. Blogging is a luxury these days, as work is full throttle, and our family/personal schedules are FULL. I will do a springtime post about that soon if I can! All good things. 🙂

Looking forward to having more family in the mix of all the daily comings and goings. Really looking forward to sharing longer visits with my sister’s family as well.



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