2022 Easter

I am about 2 month behind on my blog posts, but still love documenting the things we are doing. I will try to push a handful out over the next few days.

Our kids had no shortage of Easter activities this year. Our Sunday School class families did a picnic and egg hunt. This was Landon’s first year egg hunting!

Emerson has a sweet friend named “Emmy K.” (actually also named Emerson!) She is such a fun friend to have. She attended preschool and continues to attend church with him.

Local Easter Festival at Smith Hallow Farm. We got to see the Easter Bunny!

I love pulling out my camera to take annual holiday shots. My favorite place to shoot in town is the Botanical Gardens. I have a tripod and remote now, thanks to Stephen.

Landon and his praise hands here! Love him!

“Oh praise the one who paid my debt, and raised this life up from the dead!” ✝️ Happy Easter from the Mast family!

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