Take Me Out To The Ballfield

Emerson started his first T-ball season this spring and FELL IN LOVE with the sport! He plays with a T-ball league that does a hybrid approach, allowing the kids 3-4 coach pitched balls before offering up the tee to them. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but it was awesome! By the end of the season, in the World Series game, Emerson hit off the first coach pitch for all of his balls but the last pitch (4th coach pitch) and never had to use the tee at all that game. So glad they push for more!

His team was the ‘Durham Bulls’ (the league picks options from NC local minor league teams). His coaches, teammates and teammate families were all so wonderful. They went over and above. I couldn’t recommend the Kernersville Little League Baseball program enough for those who are local. It is a 3 day commitment (two games and a practice each week), so it’s more than your average sports program commitment at this 5 and under age level, but it ended up being great. We can’t wait to play again next year.

Emerson did do spring soccer as well which ended up having about a 4 week overlap (3 if you don’t include the spring break week). That was a tad bit challenging to manage the overlap, but we made it work!

The team also attended the Winston-Salem Dash minor league team game and they had a blast. Not only did they get lots of recognition as being a team in attendance, they let them do different fun activities on the field, gave kids opportunities to announce plays on the mic, and they LOVED watching the big guys crack the ball super hard into the field. Totally recommend this experience as a team.

My heart outside my chest! ⚾️🧡💙

This photo is everything! 🤩😂 Ellie is a whole vibe here!

Until next season!



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