Spring Life Lately 2022

OH man, so much to discuss, so little time. I have hammered out a few negligent post updates lately around a handful of topics that get their own dedicated posts but there are plenty of other one-offs. Let’s see…

I traveled to Cali at the beginning of March for a quarterly team meetup. These types of gathering had been on hold for a few years, but are picking back up for sure. Grateful to be a part of the evolution of this team the past 10 years as we continue to raise the bar for transforming radiology. It’ was a super week gathering with the national sales & marketing team.

Stephen ran in a mud run. I would have done it with him but we were short childcare, so we all cheered him on.

We went to pick strawberries today. 🍓Well, we ended up playing around and mostly buying them because it was muddy as all get out. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But the strawberries are 💯!

Our Emerson is a 4K graduate! 🎓 On to Kindergarten in the fall! It doesn’t seem possible!

One significant update for spring —

God gave me a little bump in the road. Thanks to all my incredibly generous family, friends and neighbors who have been rallying for me the past few days. My horse and I had a little bobble after our jump course the last week in April. I could tell I was losing it and tried to bail by grabbing her neck and twisting down to stand. 🥴 I don’t think I will ever do that again. The impact was too much. I broke my tibia completely straight across, fibula shattered, at the very bottom near my ankle. Also broke my ankle. 😀 My ankle was facing 45 degrees to the left. 🤮

They sedated me and semi pushed it back in place for the interim. 😬🙈 Surgery was five days later on Tuesday and they put in 10 screws and on massive plate that is about 7 inches long down the length of my fibula to keep it together and secure.

The early part of the injury had me bed ridden. After surgery I had two weeks in a plaster 3/4 cast, then regular cast for 2 weeks, then a walking boot. I have a full summer planned. Vacays, so many activities, I wanted to hit a few hunter (jumping) shows end of the summer, plus two half marathons in the fall 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻.

We shall see! I have been riding for 30 years and have had many close calls/bobbles and falls over my years, this was just a fluke thing. 😕 Accidents happen all the time, doing all sorts of things. I like to think that God gave me this little bump to slow me down a tad. I am not one to sit still so this is a challenge for me like no other! ❤️ I have risen to the challenge.

I am to the point with my healing that I have been cleared to finally wash the leg (7 weeks in) and start playing around with 50% weight baring only a total of an hour a day (5-10 minute spurts). This is all still in a walking boot. I won’t move to PT until when I am out of the boot. I had a significant amount of wound damage where this was almost a compound fracture (bone through skin). I had to heal so where I had more than 1 skin layer of skin on that area before I could wet it.

I went back to working out at my Burn Boot Camp in my cast! One-legged, doing just strength options and many modifications. It’s been a wonderful outlet. I miss the running and cardio, but this is better than nothing. If you don’t use it, you lose it! 5am classes are worth it.

Heather & Bradly’s wedding!

Awana Grand Prix race!

I put on my typical national radiology IT conference, broken leg and all. A tib/fib/ankle break & dislocation proved to be a very hot talking point at a radiology conference. Only thing that would have been better would have been an ortho conference.

Here is to hoping the remainder of the summer is a little less exciting. Boring is ok too. 🙂



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