Elliott’s Sprinkle-Tastic 4 Year Birthday Party

Thank you to all of our sweet friends who came to celebrate Elliott’s 4th Birthday! We hope you had a Sprinkle-tastic time! 🎨✨💕

Elliott wanted to have a “Gabby’s Dollhouse” birthday party. IYKYK kind of a theme of a very popular little girls show on Netflix. I am to the point where I can’t really fight with them over birthday themes or Halloween costumes, so I just find ways to put my ‘Mallory touch’ on their idea, haha!

We did this party in town at a venue called We Rock The Spectrum Triad. It is a fun little place to play that has something for all abilities.

Birthday Charcuterie Table ✨ Here was my vision: Create something kids and adults can enjoy at a 10a to noon party. 🌟 Honestly it’s not that hard! You need to elevate some things (think using trays, cups and bowls) and just start putting things down and adding in more layers! Do a mix of traditional charcuterie meats, cheeses, crackers and fruits then add some kid twists with cookies, candy, goldfish, popcorn, etc. I did this in like 10 min, no lie. I did have to cut myself off from buying more but it was a hit! You need to try it! 💕

Face paint 🎨 for our birthday girl! If you ever need a really simple activity to do at a kids party – face paint crayons, create a few set designs ahead of time and go!

Past Elliott birthdays are here: 2021, 2020 & 2019



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