Elliott Kennedy – FOUR Years Old!

Elliott, Ellie, Elliott Kennedy, Sweet Ellie Mae, Pretty Princess, Our Polly Pocket.

You are FOUR!

Ellie you really are our girly girl! All things princess, glittery, colorful and ruffle-y. You are very into fashion – this includes shoes, outfits, hair, makeup, nails and more. You notice everyone’s outfits and accessories. You and I do get into little disagreements about your outfit and hair nearly every day. And each day it’s different! A dress you loved last week could be old hat this week. No rhyme to the reason. You’d change your outfit or your Disney princess costume 50 times a day if we let you.

You love to antagonize your siblings, in particular your older brother, HAHA! Typical middle child, loves to mess with everyone. Speaking of mess – you don’t mind an actual mess at all. Your bedroom is like a little girl explosion at all times. Cleaning it up is also a major dramatic fiasco. You act like it’s impossible. But if I help you and turn on Gabby Dollhouse music, you can turn your theatrics down a notch and help.

You are still our little territorial chihuahua!

You have lots of little friends at school, but your are thick as thieves with Kennedy. Like sisters. You do fight with each other sometimes, but more love than fight.

You want your hair to grow really long down your back, but it’s still curly and fine, so we are trying!!!

You are the best eater of all of our kids. You are willing to try the most. Current favorites include: Chicken Tacos, Humus and pretzels, eggs & salsa and you LOVE SALAD!

You are crazy about your dance class and had your first big recital a few weeks ago. I’ve started taking you to horse back riding lessons with me and you like that too.

You’ve been asking for a bike for your birthday and are so excited to get your own set of Disney Frozen wheels! We just celebrated your birthday with friends here.

I can’t believe my little angel baby doll who was the PRETTIEST perfect baby, is four years old today. Hard to believe! More reminiscing here of her actual birth day.

Elliott by the years:

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