Landon Roger – 2 Years Old

So much growth for our guy over the past year!

We graduated from our Physical Therapy in February which helped us get to the important milestones we were a little behind it (typical for preemies) – sitting up, standing, walking etc. Off to the races ever since!

Landon is quite the 3rd child. Still the baby of the family. He is fine with throwing what he doesn’t want across the room. He has absolutely no problem standing up to the two older siblings and is not afraid to knock them down over a toy. He has a temper!!! But is still into mama/daddy cuddling (on his terms)

He has started saying a lot more words. Not a gigantic vocabulary but I think he’s got about 50ish words and understands lots of commands. He likes to point to to body parts to identify when asked.

He starts preschool in less than two weeks! Big step to have all of our kids at one drop-off! He is totally ready to step into this stage of life. Leading up to preschool he’s had some extra exposure at church nursery and a local drop-in child care facility, going for mornings. He has loved it.

We think he has a lactose intolerance like Stephen so we avoid heavy dairy, such as ice cream, yogurt, milk. We do dairy substitutes in almond milk items, etc.

Favorite foods: SUCKERS! popcorn, popsicles, pancakes, bananas, goldfish (in doses), almond milk yogurt, chips, cheerios, Mexican rice, noodles. Super picky eater. He tries things on occasion, but oftentimes things stay on the plate or get tossed

Weight / height – around 25 pounds. I haven’t gotten him to his well baby 2 yr old appt. yet, so I will report back!

Sleeps: one nap, 1-2:30ish. He is not a super long napper. Good night sleeper though.

Eyes: grayish Clothes: 2T Diapers: 5s

Loves: to read, he is suddenly, to Emerson’s excitement, very into Lightning McQueen / Cars. He calls his cars “qeenies”. So cute. Baths, being outside, playgrounds and anywhere the big kids go, Paw Patrol show, BUBBLES! he is a bubble fool! Pushing his lawnmower toy and other push toys. Coloring and crafts.

Opposite of love – he is 200% toddler mode now. If he doesn’t want to do something, he collapses on the floor and bows his back. Just have to scoop him up and move along! Par for the course.

We love watching you grow big fella!

1 year old post here for comparison.



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